50th Anniversary: Biltmore – Village Hotel

50th Anniversary: Biltmore – Village Hotel

50th Anniversary: Biltmore – Village Hotel
My parents stayed for two nights at the Village Hotel on the Biltmore Estate. The second night that they were there it rained very hard and there was a flood and the main entrance was closed due to the flood.

The logo for the Village Hotel is a pair of antlers, and that helped to drive the theme of the page.  I chose a background paper with a large antelope on it for the left page, and a tree trunk paper for the right.

The left page has a coaster and the key folder from the hotel room on the side as well as a border block for my mother’s journalling that happened after I took this picture.  Notice that I used a bark and a rock edging on the left side to tie to the mountain theme of the main background paper.

The right side holds some pictures from the hotel and a water conservation card from the hotel room.  Notice that I trimmed down the two photos on the right so that they would all fit nicely on the page together.  If you look carefully at the bottom right hand picture you can see the flooding that was occurring while they were there.

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