50th Anniversary: Father's Day - Japanese Steak House

50th Anniversary: Father’s Day – Japanese Steak House

50th Anniversary: Father's Day - Japanese Steak House
As the first part of their next Anniversary trip my parents came to stay with me for Father’s Day before continuing our trip together to Gaitlinburg, TN. For our celebration we went to Taku, a Japanese Steak House in Kokomo, IN.  This is an entertaining place where they cook the food right in front of you with a lot of skill and fun and games.

I had a great time creating this page – it is sushi themed.  The borders for the spread as well as for the pictures are black, white, and green.  The black for the seaweed of the sushi, white for rice, and the green for the filling (I guess it is a California roll!).  I also chose a white background paper to be reminiscent of rice.

I cut the “Happy Father’s Day” title and the sushi using my Cricut machine.  One of the advantages of making your own cuts is that you can chose colors that match the theme of your spread – as you can see in the Father’s Day titling.    You will also notice that I left a green border block to later add my mother’s journalling to this page.

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