50th Anniversary: Dollywood

50th Anniversary: Dollywood

50th Anniversary: Dollywood
Day 2 of our trip focused on going to Dollywood, which is Dolly Parton’s theme park in the Smoky Mountains.  This spread showcases photos from the entrance to the park and the theme is based on the Dollywood logo – which is a butterfly.  The pictures and the spread are bordered in purple and there is a second torn edge border for the spread.

Also on the page are my parents’ tickets and the buttons that they were given because they were celebrating their anniversary.  I had to carefully take the buttons apart to get the pin and backing off so that they would be thin enough to fit into the album.  I left the top piece of metal from the button under the paper so that it would make them stand out from the page a little more sturdily.

The 3D butterflies and flowers were all part of a sticker pack that I found that worked perfectly with the butterfly background paper.

50th Anniversary: Dollywood - 2nd AlbumSecond Album:  For my personal album I a completely different direction – click on the image to the right for a larger and more detailed version.  I went with a more muted theme and used gold butterflies.  On the left hand side I put a picture of the Park Entrance sign, and put the family picture, my ticket, and a pressed coin on the right hand side.

I used a very wide torn border on the right hand side as well as two smaller ones.  It is hard to see as it looks like I cropped the photo too much, but I also used my sewing machine to stitch a ribbon pattern to the border strip.  Notice that the photos and ticket are double bordered with the two solid colors from the right hand border strips.  This helps to tie the whole spread together.


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