50th Anniversary: Dolly Parton's Celebration Dinner and Show

50th Anniversary: Dolly Parton’s Celebration Dinner and Show

50th Anniversary: Dolly Parton's Celebration Dinner and Show
For dinner the first night that we were in Gatlinburg we went to Dolly Parton’s Celebration Dinner and Show.  While we were waiting to get in I took pictures of the outside of the building as I was intrigued by the design – it had been made to look like rusty and flaking metal and wooden plans.  Later, when I was creating this spread – I used those pictures for inspiration to choose the background papers that you can see above.

The best way to describe this event is Dinner Show meets Smoky Mountain Cirque Du Soleil.  Clowns, singing, and great acrobatics.

I bordered all of the pictures in black so that they would stand out against the busy backgrounds.  I also used oval and circle swivel blade cutters to make the cuts for the sign picture and the clown inside the massive balloon that you can see on the left hand page.

I was trying to figure out how to fit all of the pictures that I wanted to on this spread, and so I did some experimental things on the right hand page.  Two of the pictures actually carry over to the left page, and two of the pictures are cut off at the edge of the spread.  I was able to keep the most important part of these pictures on the page.  One of my nieces was called on stage to participate in an event with the trained dogs!

In the middle of the right hand page is the folder with the professional photographs from the event.  I placed it on the spread in such a way that it can be opened to view the inside.  Click HERE to learn how to create an opening folder on a scrapbook page with a plastic page protector.  In this situation, because the flaps opened both ways, I had to cut the plastic in two different locations.

50th Anniversary: Dolly Parton's Celebration Dinner and Show - open
This picture shows what the folder looks like open. If you click on it you can see an enlarged version that will make it easier to see the details.  You may notice that some of the children were more excited about having their picture taken than others!  In the middle are my parents tickets to the event, and a small picture of a juggler that I slid behind an opening in the folder.   After I took this picture I also added a small circus tent folding card so that my mother could journal about the experience and then slide it into this pocket.

50th Family Trip - Dolly Parton - 2nd AlbumSecond Album:  Click on the image to to the right to get a larger version for more detail.  I created an almost duplicate of the design above.  I used different background papers, and some of the pictures are different – but the concept is the same.  I included an opening folder just like the one above.

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