50th Anniversary: Dollywood - Paintjam

50th Anniversary: Dollywood – Paintjam

50th Anniversary: Dollywood - Paintjam
The thing that the kids wanted to first was to watch Ricardo Barazza during Paintjam. Ricardo paints to music – both quickly and sometimes upside down.  It was very fun, exciting, and inspiring to watch.

I chose black paper for the background to match the black paper that he was using for his paintings, and I cut the dripping paint using my Cricut machine.  I bordered the pictures with the same colors that I used for the paint.   One of my nieces got called up onto the stage to be part of the show which she really enjoyed and was fun for our family.

My parents really liked the painting of Jesus, so after the show I purchased it and later had it dry mounted to a piece of foam board so that we could put it up in their house.

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