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2015: Flying to America

2015: Flying to America

Henry, our exchange student, had planned on creating his own scrapbook, but when he saw what I was creating for him he asked me if I could scrapbook parts of the trip that he had already collected ephemera and photographs for.  So this is the first page of his album, and it includes all of the tickets and boarding passes for his flights to get to the United States.  Henry landed in New York for a 3 day exchange student entry program.

I used a cloud background page and affixed a Cricut cutout of an airplane on it.  Since he was flying Lufthansa I made the airplane blue and yellow to match their colors and the tickets.  In order to help the tickets stand out a little more on the cloud background page I used the same blue paper that I cut the airplane out of, to border the tickets.

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2014: Football Sophomore Year

Now that I have finished the series from our Summer 2015 Europe trip I need to go back a little bit in time and show you the spreads from the 2014-2015 year. It was a fairly uneventful year for us since I was saving up for our trip to Europe, and therefore there are not a lot of pages for me to show you from this time frame. But lets start with football!

2014: Football 1

This was my son’s sophomore year playing football and he was the kicker for the varsity team.  At the end of the season he earned his letter jacket which was cool and you will see a spread about that later.  The reason I mention that is that you noticed the big “HILL” at the lefthand side of this spread.  We ordered his name for the back of his jacket and it cam back with a white background instead of a dark blue one.  I didn’t want to waste these letters, so I used them on this first spread of the football season.  It makes the page a little bit bulky, but it looks really cool!  Also on the spread are the professional pictures taken on media day.

2014: Football 2

In this spread highlights pictures taken at the various games during the season.  I lost track of which pictures where from which games and so I picked the best ones from the collection to put in this spread.

2014: Football 3

This spread showcases newspaper articles, tickets, and other ephemera from the the football season.  The helmet at the top of the right hand page is a picture that I took of his number on the fence and cut to shape.  The “Oak Hill” was actually cut from his practice jersey which was a mess at the end of the season and I used modge podge to affix it to cardboard with I then cut and put on this page.  At the bottom of the page are two rubber Oak Hill Pride bracelets that we wore all season in support of the team.

2014: Football 4

This spread shares the Fall sports awards program, a picture from the awards ceremony, and a color copy of my son’s letter.  I used strips of cardboard to create a holder for the awards program so that it can be taken out and read.  The strips are held in place by two brads at either end.

2014: Football 5

This final spread, is one that I am fairly proud of, not because it looks terribly cool, but because of the ephemera that I was able to save on this page.  The left hand page has all of the stickers off of my sons helmet.  I used an X-Acto knife to carefully remove all of the stickers and then I put them on this copper/gold metallic paper.  It is important to use a metallic paper so that the sticker will stick without picking up the paper threads from a normal piece of cardstock.

The right hand side is actually part of my son’s practice jersey that I cut to make this pocket to hold the programs from all of the games.  I had to slice about 1/4 inch off of each side of the 12×12 background paper so that I could wrap the shirt around the edges.  I used normal scotch tape to affix it to the back of the cardboard and some brads to help make it a little stronger.  It slide into the plastic protector sheet very well, and allows the viewer to take out the programs to look at them.

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2008: Holiday World

One of the hidden treasures that we discovered in the MidWest is Holiday World. While it is not a Disneyland or a Universal Studios, it is a pretty amazing theme park.Holiday World and Splashing Safari are located in Santa Claus, Indiana.  Holiday World offers free parking, free soda fountain drinks and free suntan lotion, and for what I consider to be a low price – less than $40 per person per day.

I actually won tickets to go to Holiday world a few days after we arrived in the MidWest and we met my sister and her family there.  We spent one day together and then my son and I stayed an extra day (we got 4 tickets!).  Haklf way through the second day we started to get tired so we decided that we would get a quick bite to eat and then leave the park.  While we were eating a big storm started to descend on the park and they announced that they were going to close the park for safety reasons and gave everyone free tickets to come back during the next season!  So we got four more free tickets and enjoyed a trip back there the next summer.  It is this kind of customer service that impresses me about this park.  When I share the pages from our second trip to Holiday World I will share a great story about Pat Koch, the matriarch of the family that owns Holiday World.

Anyway, enough about the story around the experience – lets look at the page.  For the background pages I tore the dotted sheet into three pieces.  I used two to create borders for the left hand page, and then used the larger piece to put in the middle of the right hand page – which ties the two pages in this spread together nicely.

I also want to point out the border at the top and the bottom.  The top border was created using decorative thread which I pushed through eyelets made with my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch. I also used the punch to place eyelets in the bottom border ribbon to hold it in place as well.

2012: Blue Man Group

Our next stop on our Chicago tour was to visit the Blue Man Group.  I was able to get discounted tickets from and we had a great time.  If you have never seen the Blue Man Group – it is worth your time and money.

This is another page, that when I look at it I feel like it looks plain.  However I wanted to highlight the ephemera on the page, and when you add to many embellishments it takes away from the items that you want people to focus on.  I attached the program on the right hand page to the outside of the plastic protector sheet so that it could be opened and read by the viewer.  If you look carefully you will notice that it is smudged.  Apparently the programs are printed with biodegradable ink, and it smeared while we were at the show.  I struggled with if I wanted to put this in the scrapbook, but I decided that I wanted the program on the page, and the smudges added some character.

I also cut the plastic bag from the gift shop to put on both pages.  Since it is clear plastic it was hard to attach to the page without the adhesive showing.  I solved this by folding it over the edge of the paper and using tape to hold it down.  The one corner on the page was stuck down with a sticky tab, and then covered up by another element on the page.
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2008: Mission San Juan Capistrano

2008: Mission San Juan Capistrano

2008: Mission San Juan Capistrano

While on our family day trip to San Juan Capistrano we visited the San Juan Capistrano Mission.  This is probably the must see venue if you are visiting San Juan Capistrano.  I created three spreads detailing this location.  On this first spread I put pictures from the entrance to the Mission as it tells the story of where we are.  I also added the tickets (which share the date of the excursion) and a medallion that I purchased in the museum store.

I chose to use a hand made paper for the background on the left hand page which helps to emphasize the historic nature of the Mission.  I used this same paper to border the pictures and tickets on the right hand page.  I also used some of this same paper to create a border along the right hand side of the page to help tie the two pages together.    The cut out around the medallion I created using my Cricut machine.

2008: Mission San Juan Capistrano 2

2008: Mission San Juan Capistrano 2

I tried a new technique with this page.  As I was cutting out the Fleur-de-lis that is on the left hand page I realized that I really like the way the it looked when I took it off the cutting mat.  So the thin Fleur-de-lis that is on the left hand page created the Fleur-de-lis that is on the right hand page.  I just mounted gold paper behind the brown paper on the right hand side and then carefully affixed the inside part back on top of the gold paper.  It is more difficult to see this in the picture, but it creates a cool 3D effect on both pages.

Notice that the background paper from each side is also used as the border paper on the opposite side.  I also used opposing papers to create borders on the right and left hand side to help tie the pages together.

2008: Mission San Juan Capistrano 3

2008: Mission San Juan Capistrano 3

For this last spread I created the color scheme around the color of the Koi and the candles.  Notice that the background paper shimmers like the scales of the fish, and all of the borders to the pictures are red.  I used my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch to put holes and grommets in the left hand page so that I could add the crucifix necklace that we purchased at the Museum store.  I used my Cricut machine to cut the flowers on the right hand page.  I then used a gold marker to trace around the edges of the flowers to help add depth to them.


2008: Train ride to San Juan Capistrano

2008: Train ride to San Juan Capistrano

2008: Train ride to San Juan Capistrano

Another trip that we took with the Families Club with the YMCA was an Amtrak Train trip from San Diego to San Juan Capistrano.  This spread chronicles the train station, the train, and the beginning of our day trip.  The train station had a clock that showed the time and date and I used pictures of this with my son to help chronicle the timing of this event.  I usually use ticket stubs to help establish this, but the tickets that day were unreserved/unrestricted tickets and therefore did not have a date on them.

I used my Cricut machine to cut the title to the trip in video reverse on a tag so that it looked like a luggage tag.  I also included the train schedule so that we would be reminded of all of the stations that we stopped at on our trip.


Europe Vacation: Arriving in London

Europe Trip: Arriving in London

Europe Trip: Arriving in London

This set of pages chronicles the flight to London and the first few hours I had in London before we started our bus tour.  Because Ephemera is important to me the very first set of pages includes airplane tickets, boarding passes, an underground ticket, and some British coins.  These pages look eclectic, but capture the way my few hours in London felt jet-lagged, rushed, and overwhelming.

You will notice that the underground ticket is covered in plastic, using a Xyron sticker maker, this is because it was not acid-free, and the acid in the ticket could, over time, destroy the surrounding items.  I discovered that the ticket had acid in it using an Acid Test Pen.   I also put the coins in a plastic pocket so that I would not have to glue them down, and anyone interested in seeing both sides of the coins could take them out of the pocket.  This also adds some movement and sound to the page when it is turned.

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