50th Anniversary: Parrot Mountain 2

50th Anniversary: Parrot Mountain

50th Anniversary: Parrot MountainHigh on my mother’s bucket list for this trip was to go to Parrot Mountain – a bird sanctuary in Pigeon Forge that has hundreds of birds.  I made three spreads to remember this event – both themed in bright tropical colors, to remind us of all of the wonderful colors of the birds that we saw on that day.  I need to make three spreads because I took so many pictures, and I knew that my mother would love seeing them again.

For the first spread above I used my swivel oval cutter and blades on the pictures so that I could show off many of the birds that we saw.  I felt like the ovals made me thing of the oval perches that parrots often sit in.  I cut the large parrot using my Cricut machine, and bordered the page in a triple torn edge.  The title for this page was purchased at the local scrapbook store.

50th Anniversary: Parrot Mountain 2This second spread has pictures of my parents and I with the birds – they seemed to be very attracted to my mother who loved it!  I continued the tropical theme on this page.  Notice that the second torn edge border match the colors of the borders around the photographs.  I also put a feather on this page – don’t worry – I didn’t pull it out of a bird – I purchased it at the end of the time at the gift shop.

50th Anniversary: Parrot Mountain 3The third spread contains the ephemera from the event, along with pictures of us feeding the Lorakeets – who eat liquid nectar.  This was a pretty fun experience to do with the younger kids.  I bordered the photographic with a blue to match the blue from the background paper.  On the left is the location brochure which is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened to be read.  There is also a green paper bag from the gift shop that I attached to the page, and put pictures on top of.  Inside are additional brochures and a bird bookmark that I made using my Cricut machine so that my mother could journal about the experience on it.  Notice that the album theme butterfly also made it on to this page.

Parrot Mountain Tips:

  • Plan to arrive before they open so that you can be first through the gates – the birds are most active at this point, and are hungry so they are more engaging at the feeding opportunities.
  • This location is not wheelchair or walker friendly – it is on a very steep incline.  But – they have gold carts that can assist if you make sure that they know that you will need help.

50th Anniversary: Parrot Mountain - 2nd Album page 1Second Album: For my personal album I made two pages that follow the same theme and designs from the three pages that I made for my parents.  This first spread to the right has pictures of my parents and I with the parrots and includes the laser cutout (in black this time), and another feather (also purchased at the gift shop 🙂 ).

50th Anniversary: Parrot Mountain - 2nd Album page 2This second page uses the same parrot Cricut cutout but using different colors, and features our family feeding the lorakeets.  The butterflies also made it onto this page along with a brochure from the location that is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened to be viewed.

: Parrot Mountain Take a virtual trip through Parrot Mountain.

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