50th Anniversary: Family Portraits

50th Anniversary: Family Portraits

50th Anniversary: Family PortraitsWhile we were on our family vacation we knew that we wanted to have some family pictures taken.  We decided to have some themed pictures taken and you can see that we are all dressed in old time Victorian costumes.  We had our family pictures taken at Wild Gals Old Time Gallery and they were amazing!

If you follow my blog you may think that this seems familiar – and it is!  I actually created a whole album for my parents that has all of thee professional photographs and cards and ephemera from their 50th Wedding Anniversary in it – which can be viewed HERE.  I wanted to also put these pictures in this album to remind us that they were taken during this time – and to also serve as an invitation/reminder to look at that album.  Because of this, this page matches the Victorian theme of that album exactly.  Note though that the right hand background paper has butterflies on it – which ties it to the fuller theme of this album as well.

To remind the viewer of the other album I used my computer to write out a reminder which is placed on the left hand side of the spread.  I used my sewing machine to stitch the ribbon pattern around the family picture on the right hand page.

50th Anniversary: Family Portraits - Second Album page 1Second Album:  This is where I put my pictures from our family portrait time.  I made two spreads, and the first one is to the right.  I placed the larger family picture on the left hand page, and four pictures of my parents and myself on the right hand page.  I used a double border for the photos and then used my sewing machine to sew the ribbon pattern on the photo border.  Notice that I worked in some butterflies in the torn edge border on the left hand side of the spread.

50th Anniversary: Family Portraits - Second Album page 2For the second spread, to the right, I put the pictures of my sister and her family.  These are 4×6’s and are duplicates of the 5x7s that I used in my parents album.  I used a lace border on the left hand side and put it on top o the photos to create additional dimension to the page.  I also gently glued paper flowers throughout the spread to add depth.

: Wild Gals Old Time Gallery See several videos of the work done

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