50th Anniversary: The Tomb Escape Room

50th Anniversary: The Tomb Escape Room

50th Anniversary: The Tomb Escape Room

While we were on our vacation in Pigeon Forge I was able to find discounted tickets on Groupon.com to The Tomb Escape Room.  My son and I love escape rooms, and we were told that this was more like an interactive adventure than an escape room – which I found to be true.  We had a guide during the whole time, and I think that it was easier for younger children to grasp what needed to be done in order to be able to move forward through the maze.

For this spread I chose an “Escape” paper that was made for escape rooms – I thought that the tan color scheme on this page was perfect for the sands of Egypt.  I matched that paper on the right hand side with a tan/turqouise pattern back ground paper.  The main feature on the left hand page is the large pyramid which holds the tickets from the event behind some pillars.  I cut both of these elements out using my Cricut Machine, and a 12×24 mat so that it could be big enough for the spread.  I outlined the items with a black marker so that they would stand out more, and attached the pyramid to the outside of the plastic page protector as I made it in a way so that it could open!

50th Anniversary: The Tomb Escape Room - OpenHere you can see what the pyramid looks like open.  I added two more pictures on the inside of the pyramid, and cut the corners of them off so that they would fit.

The right hand page contains the ephemera for this trip, including the brochure, a page with my mothers name in hieroglyophics, and pull out journal block made to look like the Sphinx – which I made on my Cricut machine.  My mother journalled on this later.  I made a pocket at the bottom of the page to hold these items and cut the scroll on my Cricut machine to match the patterns on the left hand page.

50th Anniversary: The Tomb Escape Room - 2nd AlbumSecond Album: For my album I created a duplicate page for the left hand side – my pyramid opens up to reveal the exact same interior pictures.  I made my left hand page a little differently as I did not get a print out with my name on it.  So with my brochure I attached it to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened, since I did not create a pocket on this page.

: The Tomb Escape Room See what it is like to go through The Tomb escape room.

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