2018: Salton Sea Road Trip - Jacumba Community Park

2018: Salton Sea Road Trip – Jacumba Community Park

2018: Salton Sea Road Trip - Jacumba Community Park
The next stop on our Salton Sea Road Trip was at the Jacumba Community Park. The touristy thing to do at this location is to see the large rattlesnake sculpture. Fortunately we did not see any real rattlesnakes – but I would not have been surprised if I had!  I took quite a few pictures at this location, but the sun was shining so brightly that I really didn’t get many good pictures.

I wanted to scrapbook this experience, so I decided to fill the page with embellishments to make it stand out, and then cause the viewer to spend a little more time looking at the two pictures that are on the spread.  I found the image of the snake in the Cricut Studio collection and I really liked it because it is a snake that also looks like a road – which represents the road trip that we were on.  I cut it out using a 12×24 mat and carefully placed two 12×12 papers on it so that the cut in the snake matched up with the cut of the two pages.  I bordered the pictures with the same card stock as the snake to help tie the theme together.  I used a jagged edge tearing tool to create the rough edge borders on both sides of the spread.

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