2018: Salton Sea Road Trip - Desert View Tower

2018: Salton Sea Road Trip – Desert View Tower

2018: Salton Sea Road Trip - Desert Tower
As part of my time with my friend Stephanie in San Diego we made a one day road trip to drive all the way around the Salton Sea. During the beginning of the trip we stopped to see the Desert View Tower.  If you click on the image it will zoom in and you should be able to read the historical plaque in the picture.  While it was a very hot day, this location was surprisingly cool, which I think was due to the cooler winds blowing through the canyon.  We did not climb to the top, but rather explored the surrounding gardens and the gift shop on the first level of the tower.

The bottom panoramic picture was taken a little further down the road at a lookout point.  I spread it across both pages and the cut the photograph once it was already attached to the two pages.  I taped the back of the background papers together to help keep the spread together while I did this.  I used a jagged edge tearing tool to tear the rough edges of the darker strip of card stock that runs across the top of the spread.  This element mimics that colors and layers in the panoramic photograph on the bottom.  I like how the blue skies in the pictures standout strong against the background – this is how the day felt – seeing the starkness of the clear blue sky all day.

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