2018: Walt Disney World – Be Our Guest Restaurant

2018: Walt Disney World – Be Our Guest Restaurant

2018: Walt Disney World – Be Our Guest Restaurant
While we were at the conference at Disney I downloaded the Disney app and I realized that I could make restaurant reservations on it.  I have always wanted to go to the Be Our Guest Restaurant but I had heard that it was very hard to get into.  I was playing on the app and I realized that a reservation time came open just one day ahead of time so I grabbed it and sure enough the next day we were able to go.   I would highly recommend this experience for families, but remember to book way in advance, and that it is a premium experience if you are going for supper and are on the Dining Plan.  At breakfast and lunch this location functions as quick service – but for dinner it is a fine dining experience and that is when I recommend that you attend.

If you look at the picture in the bottom left you will see what I had for dessert – and it was amazing.  The entire thing was edible – including “chip” the teacup and the rose design on the plate.

For this spread I continued to use Disney Pack background paper, and I cut the castle on the right hand side out with my Cricut machine.  In order to put all five photos on the left hand page I cropped 3 of them so that it would all work together – this is not a technique that I use very often, but it comes in handy when working with pages that you wish to put many photos on.

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