2018: Walt Disney World - Cinderella's Royal Table

2018: Walt Disney World – Cinderella’s Royal Table

2018: Walt Disney World - Cinderella's Royal Table
For lunch we were lucky enough to book a table at Cinderella’s Royal Table – a themed restaurant in the Cinderella castle. I know – this is a kid thing – but hey – we got to get pictures with each of the princesses!  I would highly recommend this experience for families, but remember to book way in advance, and that it is a premium experience if you are on the Dining Plan.  I knew that there would be good food and a great experience as I had accidentally booked this experience during our family Disney trip in 2008 – Click to see those pages.

For this spread I again used Disney themed paper from a Disney Paper Pack and then used red solid paper to border the photographs.  If you look at the left hand border you will recognize that it is the same paper as I used for the picture borders for the Disney Cover page of this trip.  I try to be very careful to save scraps of paper as they can come in handy for later projects and will save you cutting brand new pieces of paper for borders.

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