2018 - Paintball Weekend

2018: Paintball Weekend

2018 - Paintball Weekend

When we lived in Indiana in 2018 my son was part of a Paintball team called the Silent Assassin Squad. This group had a tournament weekend not far from where we lived and so he went down for the weekend to play.

Part of what is fun for me on this spread is that I did not take any of the pictures – these are all pictures that my son took and then sent to me because he wanted for me to scrapbook the weekend.

I used camouflaged and woodsy papers for the back ground – using a jagged edge tearing tool to create the torn edges. I bordered all the picture blocks in brown to help them stand out against the busy background pages.

Several of the pictures that my son took were not framed in ways that would look good on the page – so I cut 4 of them down smaller to create the mosaic tile pattern that can be seen in the 4-picture blocks. Don’t be afraid to cut pictures down if need be – all I would say is “measure twice” because you can only cut it once.

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