2010: Legoland Discovery Center - Chicago

2010: Legoland Discovery Center – Chicago

2010: Legoland Discovery Center - Chicago

As part of our Spring Break 2010 adventures we went up to Chicago and went to the Legoland Discovery Center. While the Discovery Center is not as cool as going to one of the full LegoLand locations, it is still a great place to spend a half day especially when the weather is cold, since the whole venue is inside.

For this spread I was able to find a really cool background paper pack themed on Lego that included the background papers and stickers you see on this spread. I cut the green Lego paper into the letters and numbers that you see at the top of this spread which highlights the date of our adventure. I also cut some Lego “blocks” in green to make it look like they were holding up the pictures on the left hand page.

I used a round corner cutter to trip the corners of the pictures on the right hand page to help soften those images. I have realized that I often find it difficult to use background papers like the one on the right. Even though I like that paper, it becomes difficult to fit pictures and ephemera on pages that have too much of the page taken up with graphics.

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