2010: South Bend Chocolate Factory

2010: South Bend Chocolate Factory

2010: South Bend Chocolate Factory

During Spring Break 2010 my son and I travelled up to Northern Indiana to spend the week with my parents and have some adventures together. One of our adventures was a behind the scenes tour at the South Bend Chocolate Factory. The tour costs $5, but you get some samples on the way, 10% discount in the store, and a spoon covered in chocolate at the end of the tour! It is well worth the cost. At the South Bend location they also sell “seconds” which don’t meet the aesthetic quality standards – but certainly taste just as good – at a discount – so this is a great way to take care of your sweet tooth.

I had a lot of fun creating this page, especially adding in the ephemera. I chose yellow and brown as the theme colors of this spread and bordered all of the photographs in brown to help them stand out on the page. I used a corner cutter to round the edges of the photos and the borders – to mimic the round chocolates.

For the borders to the page I used ribbons and brads to add interest to the spread. The top left corner has a picture of the sign outside the tour to help place the location of this event. On this page I also included a hot cocoa coaster and the “golden ticket” which was the ticket to the tour. On the right hand page I used my Cricut machine to cut out a “golden” spoon to remember the chocolate dipped spoon that we were able to make at the end of the tour – you can see my son doing this in the top right hand picture. In the middle of the right hand page is a bag from the store – and I made the chocolates that are coming out of the bag using gel markers.

Now I have made myself hungry – so I am going to go and rummage in the kitchen!

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