2010: Rainforest Cafe

2010: Rainforest Cafe

2010: Rainforest Cafe

After visiting the Legoland Discovery Center we stopped in at the Rainforest Cafe. It is a fun family place to eat. Your kids will love the atmosphere, the fish tanks, and all of the animatronic animals.

I tried something unique with this page – I used the plastic bag from the gift store as the background paper for this spread. While it looks pretty cool it was pretty hard to affix it to the cardstock. I ended up wrapping it around the cardstock and using tape to affix it to the back of the cardstock. I used gold and green ribbon for the borders of the pages.

On the left hand page I used a pair of sharp ended scissors to carefully cut out around the fish and the Atlas photographs, and then used a round corner cutter to trim the corners of all of the pictures. The right hand page also includes a napkin (unused) from our table, and our reservation card.

Looking back on this page 10 years later I would note that using the bag as the background paper is difficult and I am not sure that it looks that great. You can see in the picture above that it has started to wrinkle over time. In future spreads, where I did use plastic bags I cut them down for the graphics and affixed them used brads or other methods and they have held their shape better.

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