2010: SpringHill Camps

2010: SpringHill Camps

2010 was the third year that my son went to SpringHill Camps in Seymour Indiana. SpringHill Camps has been an important part of my son’s story and later in life he worked two summers at SpringHill Camps in both Indiana and Michigan. I made two spreads celebrating this week of adventures.

2010: SpringHill Camps

For the first spread I chose a modern camouflage pattern. There are a couple of Jolee’s stickers on this spread, along with title blocks and designs from brochure materials. I had fun on the right hand page by placing the pictures at an angle which I think adds interest but also motion to the spread.

2010: SpringHill Camps Page 2

The second spread is also on a camouflaged back ground paper – but a more traditional one. Part of what is fun about this background paper is that the dark brown parts are actually fuzzy felt, so there is some texture to this page. I added pictures to the page as well as some additional Jolee’s 3-dimensional sticker embellishments. I put the pictures on the right hand page in a traditional square pattern (they look crooked in this picture – but the page is at an angle). The pictures on the left hand page were all placed at angles and are not symmetrical.

If I were to do this spread again now (that I know more), I would have put borders around the pictures to help them stand out better. I also think that I would have been a little more symmetrical on the left hand page.

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