2010: Disney Epcot - 1

2010: Disney EPCOT – West Future World

2010: Disney Epcot - West Future World

We spent two days at EPCOT as I was also balancing attending the conference. I will share though that I think that a full immersive experience at EPCOT requires two full days. Spend one day in the Future World section, and then the second day at the World Showcase. This will allow for you to see all of the exhibits without having to skip some. Do you know what EPCOT stands for? Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Again for this spread I used the EPCOT background paper for the left hand side. Since this spread focuses on the tech side / west side of Future World I themed this spread on outer space. I added the Astro-Mickey 3D sticker and the EPCOT colored letters which I cut using my Cricut Machine and the Disney Cartridge. I put the photos and ephemera on the right hand page at an angle to give the page motion – it looks like it is spinning upwards which gives a nod to the “Mission Space” ride.

Notice that for the two pictures at the bottom that I put them close together and then only rounded the outside corners which makes these two photos pull together.

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