2010: Disney - East Future World

2010: Disney EPCOT – East Future World

This spread shares photos and ephemera from East Future World at EPCOT – which focuses on nature and renewable energy and resources. For this reason I chose a green background paper and one that also looked like bubbles rising through water.

2010: Disney - East Future World

The left hand page has pictures from The Seas. I placed the pictures at an angle to create the sense of floating up on the bubbles – and clipped some of the corners of the photos, but not the ones in the middle. I did this because when bubbles stick together they actually are no longer round in the places where they are connected together.

The right hand page has ephemera from the exhibits – a score card from a renewable energy exhibit and some paper that we made from recyclable materials. My gut is that these are not acid free – so down the road they will damage the page – but I felt that they were too thick to try and laminate – so I decided to just put them in as is. I used some fish and bubble stickers to fill out the page and add to the underwater theme of the spread.

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