2010: Disney EPCOT - World Showcase 2

2010: Disney EPCOT – World Showcase

This series of spreads is from the day we spent at Disney EPCOT – World Showcase. I used corner cutters and embossers to tie the pictures on each page together, as well as to tie these three spreads together. The world Showcase is the north side of EPCOT and represents 11 different countries – their history, culture and food. We were fortunate enough to be there during the World Food Showcase which meant that there were lots of unique and fun foods to try in each of the sections.

2010: Disney EPCOT - World Showcase 1

This first spread shares pictures and ephemera from the China Showcase. The right hand page is actually a print on bamboo – it was longer than 12 inches so I had to carefully cut it after I had attached it to the page so that it would fit. The left hand page is embellished with some Jolees 3D stickers.

2010: Disney EPCOT - World Showcase 2

The second spread has pictures and ephemera from the Mexico, Norway, United States, Italy and Japan. The ephemera on the left hand page is a woven Mexican flag and the wrapper from a chocolate bar both purchased in the Mexico gift store.

2010: Disney EPCOT - World Showcase 3

This third spread shares pictures from the England and Morrocan showcases as well as pictures of Spaceship Earth from the Italy showcase lake front.

The left hand page has a picture from the England showcase and a Twining’s Tea Bag. The story behind this tea bag is that my son was enjoying the Kim Possible interactive adventure. He was very excited about this because as part of this adventure they gave kids a “cell phone” that interacted with the different countries exhibits. It has since changed into other formats but I believe a version is still possible to participate in. The phone would ring when he was near certain areas and he would be given different tasks to do and when they were done something cool would happen. In the English showcase he had to go into the English gift store and tell a worker that “Danger is my cup of tea”. When he did this they gave him this tea bag – so it made it into the scrapbook!

The right hand page has pictures from Marrakesh – the Moroccan Restaurant that is a focus of the Moroccan showcase. You can enjoy amazing Moroccan food (we love the lamb) along with belly dancing entertainment. This is the place that we always choose to eat when visiting EPCOT. The ephemera in the top right hand corner is our reservation card for supper.

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