2010: Disney - Magic Kingdom 1

2010: Disney – Magic Kingdom

Our last day at Disney World was spent at the Magic Kingdom– which is basically Disneyland in Florida. I made three spreads from this day which are shared below.

2010: Disney - Magic Kingdom 1

The first spread really serves as the title page for this day, even though there are no words. For the left hand page I used the Magic Kingdom page from the Disney Scrapbook kit, and then matched the right hand side background paper in purple to tie these two pages together. I used a corner punch to add interest to the photos on the right hand page. I also used my Big Bite Punch to put holes in the page – two of the holes were used to run the decorative wool thread through, and two were used to add decorative brads.

2010: Disney - Magic Kingdom 2

The second spread shares pictures from some of the rides at the Magic Kingdom. The left hand page has pictures from Splash Mountain, which I bordered with a frame made with a fancy corner punch. For the right hand page I combined two different “lands” – Tomorrow Land and Adventure Land. Notice that the two pictures from Tomorrow land have a modern pattern for the frames, and the ones from Adventure Land have a Zebra pattern. I used the same corner punch as I did on the left hand page. I then used strips of the same background papers to create a top and a bottom border on the page. Because of the busy patterns of this border paper it causes the reader to slow down when looking at this page to focus on the photographs.

2010: Disney - Magic Kingdom 3

The third spread has a set of pictures from Liberty Square. My favorite pictures from this spread are my son and my dad in the stockades on the left hand page. I included the 3D glasses that came from Philharmagic – Sorry Disney for not turning them back in! I used a strong knife to cut the arms off so that they could be attached to the page. The pictures on the right hand page are from the Haunted House, which is why I chose dark background paper and there are ghosts and tombstones on the page. I used a corner punch to create the decorative corners on all of the pictures on this page.

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