2010: Disney - Disney Springs - T-Rex

2010: Disney – Disney Springs – T-Rex

2010: Disney - Disney Springs - T-Rex

During one of the evenings of our trip we went to Disney Springs and chose to eat at the T-Rex Cafe. This is a great place for families and kids and is much like RainForest Cafe, except with animated dinosaurs. Traveller’s hint: Get in line early and make a reservation as wait times can be very long for this restuarant.

On the left hand page I used the plastic bag from the gift store as the background image. To do this I cut the plastic bag about one inch diameter bigger than the 12×12 cardstock and then tightly wrapped it around the edge and used tape to affix it to the backside of the card stock.

For the right hand page I used textured alligator paper and directly attached the photos to the paper so that the cool paper would stand out. If you look carefully in the bottoms corners of this page you will see little black dots. This was my attempt to hide some hidden mickey’s on this page.

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