2010: Disney - Hidden Mickeys

2010: Disney – Hidden Mickeys

2010: Disney - Hidden Mickeys

One of the favorite things for our family to do while we are visiting Disney locations is to look for Hidden Mickeys. These are the two dimensional head of Mickey Mouse, similar to the background paper on the left hand page. Tripster has an excellent explanation and guide of how to find Hidden Mickeys in the parks. We found that looking for Hidden Mickeys was an excellent way to keep from getting bored while standing in line, as there are quite a few of them hidden along line pathways.

Unfortunately it is pretty hard to see the Hidden Mickeys in the pictures on the far right as they turned out pretty dark – the top one was in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House, and the bottom one was taken in one of the underwater rides.

I used a mickey mouse silhouette themed paper for the left hand page to demonstrate the shape that you are supposed to look for, and used a Minnie Mouse Hair Ribbon pattern for the right hand page. I affixed the photographs on the page without borders so that the reader could focus on trying to find the Hidden Mickeys.

If you look at the bottom right corner of the spread you will see that I punched out a Mickey silhouette and then used that cutout to place on the left hand bottom corner – also a reference to the Hidden Mickey theme of this spread.

For those of you that are interested there are also a couple of Hidden Mickey pages and groups on Facebook where you can share your discoveries:

Hidden Mickey Hunters and Fans

Hidden Mickey Guy

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