2011: Incredible Pizza

2011: Incredible Pizza

2011: Incredible Pizza

Our first adventure of 2011 was a trip to the Indianapolis Incredible Pizza location, which unfortunately is now closed. Fortunately, however, there are still locations open in several other cities. Incredible Pizza is like a Chuck E Cheese on steroids. There is a lot more food, and in addition to the traditional games they usually have lazer tag, go karts, mini golf and other fun attractions.

This spread contains one of my first attempts at “welding” using my Cricut Gypsy – any body remember those? It was a hand held device on which you could design cutouts using your cartridges. At the time it was really cool – but now thinking about it I break out in a sweat. Cricut Design Studio is so much easier to use. Welding means to attach different items together so that they cut as one piece. I designed the pizza slices and then welded them together with the words so that they would cut together. I then hand painted the slices, and added painted “pepperoni slices”.

I chose the striped background paper to match the colors in some of the pictures, especially on the go kart that my son drove to victory. In hindsight I feel like it makes this page a little busy and rushed – but that also summarizes what it is like to go to a place like this with a pre-teen – I could hardly keep up!

I used a corner cutter to round out the edges of the photographs, and then use a pair of fine point scissors to hand cut the Route 66 picture. Ephemera on the page includes the game card and a first place ribbon for winning the Go Kart race.

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