2011: The Eagle's Nest

2011: Indianapolis Symphony and Eagle’s Nest Restaurant

2011: The Eagle's Nest

I want to remind us that this album is from early in my days of starting scrapbooking – it is probably not what I would produce today. But I wanted to share it as I used a technique in it that a good one for displaying programs or brochures.

The left hand page has a picture and our tickets from a trip to the Indianapolis Symphony. I like putting tickets on the spreads as the often record the event, date and time, which eliminates the need to write on the spread. I am not a fan of writing on the spreads as I like for them to speak for themselves.

I chose an elegant background paper and used a fancy corner cutter on the photographs to speak to the elegance of these two events. The common background and corner cuts bring these two separate events together in a cohesive way.

The right hand page has pictures from The Eagle’s Nest – a rotating restaurant at the top of the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis. The unique mounting feature on the menu is that I used some thread and two brads to create a taut holder for the program which keeps it in place, but still allows the reader to open the menu to see the inside and the backside.

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