2011: Bump Day - Indianapolis 500

2011: Indianapolis 500 – Bump Day

2011: Bump Day - Indianapolis 500

On Saturday May 21 my son and I were doing our shopping at our local Meijer. When we were in the checkout lane the lady in front of us said “You look like a nice father and son – would you like tickets to the Indianapolis 500 Bump Day tomorrow?”. At first I thought that this was some kind of a scam – but she handed us the tickets and they looked legitimate to me, so I accepted them. Sure enough – when we went the next day they were real!

The first spread above has pictures and ephemera from the day celebrating the traditional Indy 500 things – the trophy, the Pagoda, and vehicles inside the museum. I also put the tickets and the schedule from the weekend on the spread.

To border the schedule I cut out a hole in a 12×12 paper for the schedule to show through – Read more below as to why I did this. I then used the inside part of the cut, turned 90 degrees, as part of the background on the left hand page. I also used a strip of brick paper right up the middle to pay homage to the line of bricks that marks the finish race on the track.

2011: Bump Day - Indianapolis 500 - 2

This the second spread from event. So that the backside of the program from the first spread could also be seen I cut a hole in the background paper for this spread. This is the only time that I have used this double sided border so that both sides of the program could be seen. I learned from this that it is a good idea to try and get two copies of ephemera so that I can show both sides on the same spread.

Bump Day 2011 was also armed forces day and so we spent quite a bit of time looking at military equipment and talking with the military – this was my son’s favorite part of the day. I used a patriotic background paper and a Jolee’s Army 3D sticker pack for the embellishments.

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