2011: Springhill Camp

One of the most helpful and engaging things in my son’s life was going to Springhill Camp every summer. I have made several pages over the years which can be seen at SpringHill Scrapbook Pages.

This year’s camp theme was “The Year of the Buccaneer” and I had some left-over treasure map paper from an earlier project which was perfect for this spread. I used a Jolee’s 3D pirate sticker pack for the embellishments. I placed his journal from the week on the right-hand page – but I did not put it on the outside of the plastic page protector. It is on the inside and attached. This makes it difficult for the viewer to look at it – but I did this on purpose to help keep his thoughts private. If he wants to read again sometime in the future, he can pull the whole page out to do so.

I put the pictures of him with his counselors on the left-hand page and group pictures from the week on the right-hand page.

This second page of camp week contains pictures that the camp staff took and I was able to download from their website. I added some cutouts made from my Cricut machine (in the days before Design Studio – which is why there is a rifle instead of a paintball gun). I chose green tree background papers for this spread since all of the pictures are outdoors or in the woods.

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