2011: Colorado Vacation – Georgetown Loop Railroad

The day after we went river rafting my son and I took a day trip on the Georgetown Loop Railroad. This trip is more than just a train ride as you will see on the next page – it is a full day experience. This spread through is dedicated to the parts of the day that we spent on the train!

I chose a reddish yellow mountain background paper as there is a lot of red and yellow in my pictures and in the brochure that is on the page. I cut down a couple of photographs that I took while they were coupling the engine to the cards which allowed me to get a few more photographs on the page.

The brochure on the left-hand page is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer can open it to read. In the top left-hand corner id s metal medallion that I purchased at a gift shop. It is pretty heavy, and I attached it with a lot of double-sided adhesive tape. I would probably not attach it in this location if I were making this page again as it is heavy and causes the page to bend when they are being turned.

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