2011: Colorado Vacation – Rafting the Arkansas River

Before my conference started, we went on a river rafting trip on the Arkansas River with Kodi Rafting. We had the time of our lives, and we would recommend this experience for anyone!

Obviously, I did not take my camera on the trip, and I felt sad that I wouldn’t get any pictures from this great experience. What I did not know is that Kodi Rafting has a professional photographer take pictures and video of the experience from a great spot. So, when the trip was over, I purchased the CD of photos and videos so that I could make this page!

I used a water background paper and used my Cricut Machine to cut out the white swirls that you see on the pages, to look like frothy waves. I used a corner punch to round the edges of the photographs so that they would look more organic on a page that I wanted to have movement.

The brochure on the left-hand page is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it can be opened for the viewer to read. I also attached two stickers that I purchased at the Kodi Rafting gift shop. The yellow raft is from a Jolee’s 3D Sticker pack.

I wanted to make sure that I didn’t misplace the CD with the pictures and video, and since it had such a nice picture on it, I decided to attach it to this page as well. I have some CD cover inserts that are made for putting into textbooks, and so I used one on this page to hold the CD into place. Who knows if in a few more years I will even be able to find a CD drive to read it, but I thought that it was a cool element. Sometimes if the CDs don’t look great, I will mount them on the back of the page where they can’t be seen but are stored with the appropriate pages for future reference if need be.

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