2019: Beginning at the End

I just finished posting Volume 2 from 2011 – there is still Volume 3 to post. But I also just finally finished creating two albums from 2019! Two years after it happened, and I am eager to show what my latest work has been.

I am going to start at the end of the album – you know – on that single page at the back that is often hard to find something to put there. Well – for the last page of Volume 2 of 2019 I created an epilogue page that shares the story of how long it took to put this album together. While this story actually takes place in 2019-2022, I thought it would be good for historical reasons to put this information in the back of the 2019 volumes.

I don’t know how your scrapbooking has gone during the past two years of Covid – hopefully you had lots of time to scrapbook. But maybe, like me, you had moves, life crisis, or just lack of energy to scrapbook. I will share though that reliving the experiences I had in the past through scrapbooking has been part of what has helped me to get through these last two difficult years.

Let’s keep on scrapbooking together!

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