2019: Tampa Vacation – Impact Montréal

My son, being the extrovert that he is, quickly realized that Impact Montréal was staying at our hotel during their winter training season down in Florida. This team is now known as Club de Foot Montréal and has a different logo than you will see on these pages.

He started talking with them and no problem getting pictures with the coach and the players. But his favorite part I think was meeting the team Chef who showed him around the kitchen and then invited him for drinks later that night. It was an impacting experience for him :).

I selected the background baby blue paper to match the light blue stripe in the FIFA picture, and then used a darker blue paper to cut out the logo for the team which I found online in an SVG format which allowed me to use my Cricut Machine to cut it out. I also used the Cricut to cut out the soccer ball which is in the top right-hand corner. The reason I put the FIFA19 picture on the spread is that my son sent that to me to help explain who he was meeting and talking with while I was at the conference.

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