2019: Metamora, Indiana – Grist Mill and Water Wheel

2019 held many day trips by myself, and early August 2019 was no different. I got up early in the morning and drove to Metamora, IN. I arrived before almost everything was open, but I did find the Grist Mill was open where I bought some ground corn that made the best breakfast grits! Driving the grinding stone was a historic water wheel.

I cut the wheel out on the righthand page using my Cricut Machine and used the left-over cutout as a design element on the lefthand page. The two circles help to tie the pages together and the circle on the lefthand page is also reminiscent of the grinding stone.

On the lefthand page I put the pictures under the circle border to create some interest and not break the circle. I also used Washi tape on the lefthand side and made sure that the picture border lined up with that to not create a distraction.

The righthand page has a picture of the water wheel and the historical explanation sign. You can see a similar sign on the lefthand page about the Grist Mill. I will often take pictures of these signs to help me remember what I was seeing and where I was, and they often make it into the scrapbooks in place of journaling.

A recorded livestream of the creation of this spread can be seen here:

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