2019: Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

I shared earlier that 2019 was the year of me taking independent day trips. In early October 2019 I took a day trip into Indianapolis, Indiana to visit the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. I have made it a goal to go to as many Presidential sites, homes, museums, and libraries as I can, and so far, have seen quite a few of them.

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is small, consisting of just the home and a small museum and gift shop in the accompanying barn, but it is very well done and very well worth the time to explore.

I chose a vintage background paper in a maroon to match the bricks, logo, and interior of the house. On the lefthand page are pictures of historical markers on the site and a picture of the front of the house. I cut a business card for the location to fit in the middle of the pictures.

The righthand page has two pictures that I took inside the house, and two postcards that I purchased in the gift shop. I put my ticket for the guided tour in the middle of these photographs which contains the date and time that I was visiting.

Below is a recording of me creating this page:

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