2019: Indiana State Museum

After the school year got started, I picked up on my solo day trips again. I had lived in Indiana for 11 years and still had not been to some of the museums in Indianapolis, so I got up early one morning and headed in to the Indiana State Museum. I had thought that a “state” museum didn’t sound that interesting – but this was a great one! I learned about the State of Indiana, some of her famous residents, and actually learned about the Pipe Creek Sinkhole which was just a couple of miles from my house!

I chose travel backgrounds with different colors but from the same set for this spread. The lefthand page has pictures from inside and outside the museum, a postcard and patch from the museum giftshop, and my wrist band from the museum.

The righthand page has more pictures from inside and outside of the museum, including a plaque and relief depicting the county in which I loved at the time. In the center of these photos is the ticket from the IMAX theater which shares the date and time of my adventure at the museum.

To watch the creation of this page, click below:

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