2019: French Lick and West Baden Springs, Indiana

Two weekends later in October 2019 I went to visit some friends and we spent the day in French Lick and West Baden Springs, Indiana. Many years ago, this area was home to two very elegant and pricey hotels, built around some natural hot springs. The hot springs are gone, and the area fell out of favor for quite a while, but not the area is becoming revived again and the two hotels have been restored and upgraded and are quite impressive to see.

The first thing that we did when we go there was to go for a ride on the French Lick Scenic Railroad. The train ride round trip takes about 2 hours and is a great experience for families. The lefthand page shows pictures from the trip, and I also included my ticket for the ride (which shows the date and time), as well as a train cutout that I made with Cricut Design Studio and my Cricut Machine.

The righthand page shows pictures from the West Baden Springs Hotel which is a beautiful hotel. I chose a green marble theme for this page to match the colors inside the hotel as well as that of the train. You may notice that the titles on these pages look different that I normally use, and that is because I created those using the “draw” feature of my Cricut Machine, and had the machine write them directly onto the background paper. I will do this sometimes when I have a long title, and cutting it out would make it too big for the page, or too small for my big hands to handle.

Below is a recording of me creating this page:

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