2019: Rock City

For Christmas 2019 I drove down to Chattanooga, TN to spend with my son who was living there at the time. One of the fun things that we did while on vacation was go to Rock City which is at Lookout Mountain in Georgia. It has been a tourist attraction for decades and is made famous by hundreds of barns around the USA that have “See Rock City” painted on them. In addition to rock paths and beautiful gardens, there is a lookout point from which you can see seven different states!

I chose red and white as a theme for this page to match the colors in the advertisement barns. The lefthand page focuses on pictures from our visit which I bordered in think black. This helps them to standout on the page. You will also notice stickers on this page, which I don’t normally use on my pages anymore, but I discovered these in the gift stop, and it was a very easy way to label the locations of the pictures.

The righthand page has one picture but is mostly a collection of ephemera. I had several things that I purchased at the gift shop that I wanted to get on this page, as well as the maps and brochures. In order to get them all on the page I created an ephemera pocket on the page which allowed me to slip the maps and brochures behind the photo and other ephemera. They can be removed to be read. There is a video at the end of this blog that shows how I created this pocket.

The righthand page also has:

  • A Rock City vintage sticker which is attached directly to the page and helps to hold the pocket in place.
  • Our tickets to the location.
  • A metal sticker of a “See Rock City” birdhouse – you can buy these birdhouses at the gift shop, but at the time I wasn’t sure what I would do with such a bird house. Now I could use one in our new backyard.
  • A rock city coin which is in a coin pocket so that I would not have to use glue on the back of it to get it on the page.

Rock City was a great location for a day of family fun. The only thing that I would share is that due to the nature of the location there are limited pathways for those with mobility accommodations.

Video instructions of creating the ephemera pocket:

Recording of creation of the Rock City scrapbook spread:

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