2020: Title Page

I always leave the creation of the Title Page of an album to be the last page I create. This is because I am usually scrapbooking through the year, and I am not yet sure how many pages I will create, what the standout events from the year will be, or what albums I will be using to hold the pages.

As I shared on the last page of the 2019 Albums, 202 was a difficult year in many regards. Between Covid and moving to Oklahoma, I did not really do much that was worth scrapbooking, and so then 2020 scrapbook is pretty thin. I thought that it would be good to highlight these two things on the opening page.

The colors for this page were selected due to the color of the album itself (red) and that the Covid Virus is often depicted as red.

I cut out all of the pieces using my Cricut Machine. I designed it first using Cricut Design Space to make sure that the elements would fit on a 12×12 page. I thought that it was fun to replace the 0’s with covid icons. The border on the lefthand side was created from a leftover cutout of poinsettia leaves that I was making for my Christmas wrapping in December 2021 and I thought that it would represent the gardening that I did during 2020 to get our new house ready.

While there are not many pages in the 2020 scrapbook, I am excited to share them with you over the next few days. Below is a recording of putting this title page together:

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