2020: The Cave Store

In February 2020 I was fortunate enough to go to a conference in San Diego, CA. I know – I was just there in December! What a terrible thing to have two conferences in two months in sunny San Diego in the middle of winter! After the conference I stayed for a couple of days to visit with my friend Stephanie and one of the day trips we took was to La Jolla, where we enjoyed lunch at the top of the hill overlooking the ocean, and then we ventured down to The Cave Store. Even though I had lived in San Diego for 4 years I had never visited this local attraction and I didn’t want to miss it this time.

The Cave Store is basically a small gift shop that serves as the entrance to a very long flight of stairs that was carved through rock to get down to a waterfront cave, that apparently used to be used for bootlegging during Prohibition.

I chose a blue theme for this spread to match the blue of the sky and water in the photographs. For the lefthand page I used Cricut Design Space to design the Title Block, and then used my Cricut Machine to cut it out. This page has two copies of the brochure which are attached to the page, allowing the viewer to see both sides of the brochure. I accidently left these brochures at my friend’s house in San Diego, and she mailed them to me, and when I got them, I accidently cut into them when opening the envelope. Even though they are damaged in the top corners I decided to use them anyway since it shares the history of the location. I cut down a photo of the name of the shop to help it fit square with the other elements in the block.

The righthand page has four photographs from our adventure and I think that it is pretty cool that one of the photos that I took looks exactly like the brochure photo. I placed a seagull in the middle of the photograph set to bring attention to the picture of the seagull and the very white rocks in the top righthand photo.

If you look carefully at the matting of the two sets of photos, you will see that I used the color of the opposite page background paper. This helps to tie the two pages together into one cohesive spread.

Here is a recording of the creation of this scrapbook spread:

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