2020: Changing Jobs

I want to put a little segue in here to remind us that in March 2020 is when Covid really started to impact us in the United States. I had recently returned from my conference in San Diego when we realized that the world was about to change drastically. We closed down the institution at which I was working right after students had returned from Spring Break due to Covid, and during the shutdown I learned that I was being offered at job at a new institution in Oklahoma. I had been applying and interviewing to make a move for about a year and a half and interviewing and moving during Covid was quite the adventure. The Scrapbook spread below is the tale of that move:

I had fun creating this spread because it contains a panoramic fold-out page protector on the righthand page, which you will get to see opened below. The lefthand page contains the final pictures I took at my old office at my last institution. You will notice that I have a walking stick in my hand. My assistant’s husband made that for me at Christmas time and I used the stick to remind me of stability in these difficult times. I always have found saying goodbyes hard. I chose red, white and grey for this page as these are the institutional colors for my old institution. The stickers came from a sticker pack that I had purchased at the bookstore several years earlier.

The righthand page is designed as a set of doors that open. On the lefthand door I put an institutional sticker and cut out the words “The End of One…” in red. The word “Adventure” then crosses over both doors, and the righthand door has the words “…Is the Beginning of Another” cut out in orange – the color of my new institution – East Central University. I cut out the doors and all of the letters using my Cricut Machine. I used my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch to punch two holes in the edges to put brads through to serve as door handles for the pages. When you open the two sides of the page you see this:

The two flaps open up to reveal a 12×6, 12×12, and 12×6 panels. I covered the black background paper in a Rand McNally map that I purchased online and then placed my pictures (bordered in black) on the spread, and then made cuts through the photographs. I used a red marker to trace the route that I drove on the trip (From Indiana to Oklahoma) and used red brads to mark the starting and ending points.

The photographs start on the right with the moving van at my old house in Indiana, move to the middle where I took a picture on the move at the Uranus Fudge Factory (That is a real place) , and end on the left with pictures at my new work, and the moving van being unloaded at my new house! Notice that you can see the walking stick in some of these pictures as well.

Watch the creative process in these recordings:

Sorry about the low quality on this video – we were having internet problems during a storm when I recorded it.

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