2021: North Carolina Road Trip – Family Home and Haircuts

This spread is from our time at my sister’s home in North Carolina. They live up in the mountains and have a small family farm, and the pictures on the left are taken from their back porch. The sky and especially the sunsets were beautiful. The pictures on the right are of my nieces and nephew. When I was a Resident Director, I used to cut hair for the men living in my building, and so my sister asked me if I could cut my nephews hair and create a faux hawk, and my niece also wanted a new haircut. I happily obliged and these are the after pictures. I blurred their faces to protect their privacy.

The color scheme for this spread was created by choosing the sky paper for the left side and wanted to bring in some purple to match my niece’s purple jacket. I settled on the rose background paper but felt like I needed something to transition between the two sides – so I picked the third sheet in flowers that had both blue and pink and set it at an angle across both pages. I then used a small square of this same paper to put in the middle of the photos on the left side.

I used a life memory card at the top of the right-hand page that my mother later journalled the story of the haircuts on.

I did make a video of creating this spread, however I could not get the blurring feature on the video to work effectively enough on my nephew and nieces, so I decided not to use it.

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