2021: North Carolina Road Trip – Fun Activities with Family

While in North Carolina visiting my sister we did several fun activities together. My nieces and nephews ranged in age from 3 all the way up to 18 at the time, and so finding activities that appealed to everyone meant that we had to do a wide range of things. I created this spread to show a little bit of the different kinds of things that we did.

The background paper was chosen to match the color of the water wheel in the bottom left-hand corner, as well as a wood pattern that you can see in the picture of the donkey next to it. From the picture above the donkey, you can see that we were panning for gold! We didn’t find any gold, but we did find a nice collection of pretty rocks. In the middle of this page is the seal of the City of Marion, North Carolina which is near where my sister lives. I used the Creative Memory circle cutter to cut this to fit in the middle of this spread. The top left-hand corner has a journaling block from a life memory kit, that mother later journalled on, sharing the story of these photos.

The right-hand page has pictures of playing at the “Food Park”, which until I got there, I thought was a bunch of food trucks. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed, but the kids loved playing on all of the “food” items. Speaking of food, the bottom left picture on this page is of trays of sushi that my sister handmade for one of meals, and which was incredibly delicious. In the top right is an ice cream cone cover from Artesana, an ice cream shop in Marion, NC that has amazing ice cream. I carefully preserved the cover, and then used my Cricut machine to create “scoops of ice cream” to put on top. Below the ice cream cone is a picture of playing cards, as most of the time that we were at home we were playing various card games with the kids.

Recently, for most of my scrapbook creations I have also created videos that show me putting them together and talking about the experiences as well as the techniques that I am using. So please enjoy watching this spread being created and assembled:

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