2022: Oklahoma State Capitol - 1

2022: Oklahoma State Capitol 1

2022: Oklahoma State Capitol - 1

In February of 2022 I represented my university at Higher Education Day at the Oklahoma State Capitol. This is the first of two spreads commemorating that day.

I chose brown themes for this spread based on the colors of the grass at the time, the color of the wall in the right-side picture, and the colors in the Seal of the State of Oklahoma. I used Cricut Design Space and my Cricut machine to design the elements on the page and to cut them out. I made the cutout of the outline of Oklahoma large enough to cross over both pages and I had to use a 12×24 mat to accomplish this. After cutting it out I used some stamping ink to shade the border of the image and a tutorial video of this technique can be seen at the bottom of this blog post.

The left-hand side has a picture of me with my district’s Representative, Ronny Johns, who is also an alumnus of the institution at which I am currently working. The side also contains a sticker of the Great Seal of the State of Oklahoma as well as a passport stamp with the date and location that I had made in the capitol gift store where I purchased the sticker. Many historic, museum, and government sites will have these passport stamps if you ask for them and they usually have some paper to stamp for you. I like these as they usually have the date and location on them which helps to place the spread historically. I used Cricut Design Space to design the matting, and I cut it out with my Cricut Machine. I used the draw feature and a Cricut marker to create the title underneath the photo.

The right-hand side has two pictures from outside the Capitol Building (Front and back) as well as pictures of the seal on the floor at the base of the rotunda, and a marble floor that has the map of all of the counties in Oklahoma – and I had to get a picture of our county. The matting on this page was pretty difficult. Notice that the matting of the photos is actually the red square that is also underneath the Oklahoma outline, and has a smaller outline of Oklahoma cut out in the center. It was quite a feat to get all three of these layers to end up in the right place, and you can see the difficulty in the video of the creative process at the bottom of this page.

Inking video:

As I have been doing lately, I created a video of creating this spread that you can watch below:

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