2007: Birch Aquarium

2007: Birch Aquarium

2007: Birch Aquarium

2007: Birch Aquarium

One of the advantages of living in San Diego is that everyone wants to come and visit :)!  So, I felt the need to buy season passes to all of the local attractions to save money while giving friends and family the local sights tour.  One of our favorite places is the Birch Aquarium at Scripps.

This spread is another example of mixing photographs from various trips to the same location.  If you look carefully at the pictures you will notice that my son has different outfits on in some of the pictures.

I used a pre-printed background page set and then added some of my own elements.  The blue round “air bubbles” were cut with my Cricut machine and I added the fish sticker on one of the “bubbles”.  I purchased the iron on patch at the Aquarium store.  I often will buy patches to put in scrapbooks, since they are usually pretty cool, and we don’t really iron on patches on to any clothes that we have.


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