2007: Grandma kissing Santa Claus

2007: Grandma kissing Santa Claus

2007: Grandma kissing Santa Claus

160 x 600I have taken a several month detour to share the scrapbooks from our year with our exchange student, but now I am going to return to our regularly scheduled programming of the first few years with my adopted son. We will pick back on up Christmas Eve of our first Christmas together:

I had purchased a Santa Claus outfit on Ebay and asked my father to wear it on Christmas Eve to hang up the stockings.  We were staying at my Aunts House and my son and I were sleeping in the living room in a pull out bed.  Once my son had fallen asleep my father came into the room to hand the stockings up and my son woke up.  He started shaking me to wake me up and he whispered “Santa is here” – it was the cutest thing.  My dad kept putting presents around and my son was watching from under the covers.

My mother came into the room and I was able to capture her kissing my dad – my son got upset that grandma was kissing Santa Claus and thought that Grandpa would be mad!  It took a little while and then he realized that Santa was actually Grandpa!


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