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2007: Disneyland

I know that you already think that I spoiled my son in the first few weeks – and this will prove it – in our fifth week together I had to go to Los Angeles for a week to teach a class.  I took my good friend Adam with us to watch my son while I was teaching class.  During that time Adam not only taught my son to swim but also to dive, which helped me to feel a lot better about all the swimming that we liked to do together.  On the Saturday after the class was completed our reward was to spend the day together at Disneyland!  This was the beginning of our love affair with Disney.  In the five years we have been together we have spent a total of 16 days at Disney Parks!  View the scrapbook of our 2008 DisneyWorld vacation.

So – in the pictures on this page you will see pictures of Adam along with my son.  I used a Disney Mickey Mouse silhouette corner cutter to cut out the red and yellow embellishments on the page, and if you look closely you will see that I also cut some directly out of some of the photographs to add a whimsical nature to the page.

If you look closely in the top right hand corner you will also see a Disney Fastenator staple.


Disney Vacation 2008: Fantasyland

Disney Vacation 2008: Fantasyland

Disney Vacation 2008: Fantasyland

We got up super early on this day to take advantage of the Disney guest early open hours. But when we walked outside it was raining! I was disappointed but decided to go anyway, and it really paid off! Since it was raining we were able to ride most of the rides in Fantasyland fairly quickly.  If you have been there before you know that many rides in Fantasyland can have the longest lines in the park!

Disney Tip: Fantasyland – Ride the rides in Fantasyland at night – by then most kids are tired and tired parents have taken them back to the hotels.
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I was trying to figure out how to showcase six different rides from this part of the park all on the same spread when I can up with the idea of using just single pictures from each event.  I was fortunate enough to be able to find 3-D stickers for each of the rides to use, and I found “Its a small world” paper to tie the rides together.  You will notice that I placed the stickers right over the photographs.  Be careful if you do this as you will not have opportunity to reposition them if you make a mistake.  This is usually true with most stickers, but when putting them on top of photographs it is doubly true.

Did you notice my son’s score on the Buzz Light year ride?  He maxed out the scoreboard – I didn’t even know that was possible and thought it was just broken.  But – when we got home I found out that it is possible to do this.  Disney Tip: How to get the High Score on Buzz Light Yearcan be found by clicking here.

Disney Tip: Sword in the Stone – Make sure your kids try to pull out the swordThere is a cast member nearby who using a remote control allows some guests to actually move the sword.  For others it wont move at all.  I have noticed that if the dads try first, then young children miraculously can do it after their big strong dads can’t!

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Beauty and the Beast

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios - Beauty and the Beast

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Beauty and the Beast

Get a quote on your Disney dream vacation at Destinations In FloridaThis was a very hard page for me to think about and design.  The difficulty is that I was trying to design a masculine Disney scrapbook, and there is not too much masculine about Beauty and the Beast, never mind fancy costumes, ball gowns and a musical :).  So I just decided that it would have to look feminine.

The left hand page has a wonderful design that I cut using my Cricut machine and the Home Accents cartridge. At the top of the right hand page you will notice a stamp and postmark.  I bought the full envelope at one of Disney’s Hollywood Studio gift stores thinking that I could use it to hold ephemera, but realized that it was too big so I cut it down and mounted it on this page.  Hopefully no philatelists will get made at me for doing this :).

A cool technique that I used on this page was to use a corner cutter to cut into the photographs and then to leave the borders straight.  This added an elegant touch to match the elegance of this love story.

Disney Tip: Get to shows earlyUse the daily schedule that is given to you when you enter the park to determine when shows are.  If you show up 30 to 45 minutes early you will be at the front of the line and will be able to sit in the first few rows.  I find this to be important so that I can get good close up shots like the ones you see in this spread.

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Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Jedi Training

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios - Jedi Training - 1

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Jedi Training – 1

My son’s favorite part of visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios was participating in the Jedi Training Academy.  He had opportunity to wield a light saber and even help to fight off Darth Vader. He enjoyed this so much, and I took so many pictures that I had to make this into a four page spread! I was able to find a Star Wars font at to help with the journal blocks (my handwriting is terrible).

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios - Jedi Training - 2

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Jedi Training – 2

I think my favorite part of this spread is the title above the Jedi Training Academy certificate on the second spread – right hand page.  It is a coded message to my son in Aurek-Besh – one of the languages used in the Star Wars movies.  This writing can be seen in several of the movies, and is the language of the Galactic Empire.  I was able to find the Aurek-Besh font at  Maybe you can decipherEK Success Disney Punch - Medium Mickey Iconr my secret message :).

I wanted to make sure that these pages continued the Disney theme, so I used my Mickey Mouse Silhouette punch to cut out Mickey’s in brown to tie it all together.

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Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Muppets and Power Rangers

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios - Muppets and Power Rangers

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Muppets and Power Rangers

Disney’s Hollywood Studios hosts the Muppets 3D movie which we enjoyed, and my son had opportunity to compare moves with the White Power Ranger.

I wanted to take opportunity to highlight the Muppet embellishments on this page.  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a craft store that was closing and selling its inventory on  They were selling a lot of 300 stickers and I won the bid at $289 – less than $1 per packet.  I sorted out all the Disney ones and then resold the remaining ones on eBay.  I ended up about breaking even and getting about 100 sticker packets out of the transactions. Kermit and Miss Piggy came from this collection.  You will notice many more in the pages to come.

Something that I usually do before I go on a trip is set up automated eBay searches for items from the place I am about to visit, and if I am patient can often get great deals on stickers and embellishments.

The white piece of paper in the bottom right hand corner is from my son’s Disney character autograph book.  I bordered all of the photographs, journal block, and autograph in a thin black border.  This helps to distinguish the edge of these items, and keeps them from blurring into the busy background paper.

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Digital Scrapbook – Disney 2010

Disney 2010 - Digital - Cover

Disney 2010 – Digital – Cover

I usually prefer handmade scrapbooks over digital scrapbooks because of my philosophy of scrapbooking that relies heavily on the inclusion of ephemera.  However, there are occasions when creating a digital scrapbook is best.  For me, this is usually when I want to create multiple copies for sharing with friends and family.  I usually also create a handmade version to keep at home as well, but a digital scrapbook is a wonderful gift to give to the loved ones who shared an experience with you.  In October of 2010 I was able to take my son and parents on a week long trip to Disney World.  This was an unexpected trip as I was attending a conference and we decided to go last minute.  My son and I had gone to Disney World in 2008 and I had created 2 full scrapbooks of that experience (I will post these soon), and I did not want to create a new set of Disney albums for this trip.  So I opted to create a digital album and print an extra copy to give to my parents.  I am not going to share all the pages here, but just show you the cover and an inside page so that you can get some idea of the capabilities of digital scrapbooking.

This scrapbook was made using and I was able to create it in about 3 hours.  I like that you can print a full color cover with this album and fully manipulate designs and picture placement.

Disney 2010 - Digital - Epcot

Disney 2010 – Digital – Epcot


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