Disney Vacation 2008: EPCOT – World Showcase

Disney Vacation 2008 - EPCOT - World Showcase

Disney Vacation 2008 – EPCOT – World Showcase

These pages were created from our time in the World Showcase at EPCOT.  The world showcase is an interesting place for younger kids.  There are few rides and seems to be built mostly for adults.  When we went in March 2008 there was not the Kim Possible Adventure that was there when we went in 2010.  I have recently heard that the Kim Possible Adventure is being replaced with the Agent P (from Phineas and Ferb) adventure.

Disney Tip: Join the Agent P Adventure when going to the World Showcase at EPCOTit is an interactive cell phone based adventure (Disney provides the cell phones).  Kids receive calls when they enter certain areas and have to solve mysteries in order to make certain things happen in the park.  This is a must have feature to make the World showcase exciting for younger children.

I knew that this part of EPCOT would be less thrilling for my 9 year old son, so I let him run that pace.  If he found something interesting we stopped to see it and it often gave me a rest as well :).  I used “It’s a small world” paper background as we really felt like we were traveling around the world.  Instead of creating a spread for each of the countries highlighted in the World Showcase I just put one picture from each pavilion in this spread.

A fun technique that is appropriate on some scrapbook spreads was that I put a thought bubble right onto one of the photographs taken in the French pavilion.  I don’t usually do this – but in this picture it perfectly told the story.  My son was tired and just wanted to play in the water.

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