Disney Vacation 2008: EPCOT – The Seas

Disney Vacation 2008 - The Seas

Disney Vacation 2008 – The Seas

One of my sons favorite rides at EPCOT was The Seas.  It is a slow ride through a series of aquariums with life fish, animations, and animatronics.

Disney Tip: Watch the Seagulls at the entrance of The Seas.  About every 10 minutes they “come to life” and start moving and saying “mine….mine….mine” just like in the movie Finding Nemo.   It is a pretty funny experience.

There are several fun things to point out in the design of this page.  First, the background paper – is actually Sponge bob Squarepants paper.  I carefully placed the photographs and ephemera to cover over any Sponge bob markings.

On the left hand page you will notice a port hole with a fish in it.  This is a laser cut that I purchased at a scrapbook store and then put all of the pieces together myself.  The reason that I like these is that you can place the individual pieces exactly how you like them and they are fun to put together.  If you look carefully at Dorie on the right hand bottom corner you will notice that she is hiding in some seaweed.  Those are left over pieces from the die cut that I thought made it too busy if I had added them in to it.

The right hand side picture that has Nemo in it as actually a sticker over a failed picture that I took.  One of the aquariums had an animated Nemo swimming in it and talking to us.  I tried to take a picture of Nemo – but it just came back black (probably a function of the special effects of the ride), so I stuck a sticker of Nemo over the top of the picture and it turned out perfect.

I used a round corner cutter on all of the photographs to create a bubble effect to gently reference the “underwater” theme of this page.
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