Disney Vacation 2008 – EPCOT

Disney Vacation 2008 - EPCOT

Disney Vacation 2008 – EPCOT

The next park we visited was EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community (or City) of Tomorrow).  This was our last day in the Disney World complex and if you have been to EPCOT before you know that it really is two parks in one – Future World and the World Showcase.

Disney Tip: Plan on spending two full days at EPCOTone to visit  Future World and the other to go to the World Showcase.  If you try to do both parts you will feel rushed and not really experience  the beauty of this park.

For this spread I used the EPCOT paper, patch and coin that I purchased at the hotel gift store.  These pages serve as simple maps that help to remind us of the things that we did at each park.  On the right hand side I used entrance pictures in front of Spaceship Earth.  If you click on the pages above you will get a closer view of the page.  Look closely at the date on this page and you will see that the white letters and numbers have a small green border around them.  I accomplished this with my Cricut machine.  I first cut the white letters and numbers and then chose the “shadow” feature to cut a slightly larger version.  After gluing these together I glued them to the page.  While this is a time intensive process I think that it really makes the titling look much more professional.

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