Aruba Vacation 2009: From the Air

Aruba Vacation 2009: Helicopter Ride

Aruba Vacation 2009: Helicopter Ride

This spread highlights some of the pictures taken from the helicopter ride.  If you look closely at the “Aruba” cutout in the top left hand corner you will see that I used a black marker to outline the cutout.  This technique can help an element on your page to stand out if it seems to be fading into the background.

Also look at the placement of the four photographs on the left hand page.  Notice that only one corner of each photograph has been rounded – this helps to bring the four photographs into one cohesive unit.

I also added a ship sticker to the right hand page to bring interest and dimension to that page.

Natural Pool Jeep Adventure – $99.99. Spend a day exploring the countryside of Aruba on this Natural Pool Jeep Safari! You’ll take the back roads of Aruba as you explore historic sights on the island, including the Natural Pool, the California Lighthouse and the Natural Bridge. A jeep safari is a must-do while in Aruba!


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